12 Mind-blowing habits of successful people

Successful people are not lucky instead they have a set of habits that help them to effortlessly achieve success. The good news is that habits can be built and you too can enjoy the success that people with these habits enjoy. I have listed 12 habits of highly successful people down below.


12 habits of successful people
12 habits of successful people

Highly Successful People are Assertive

Assertive people are confident and a force to be reckoned with. They are straight forward and they say what is on their mind. This is because they have enough confidence to follow through on their words. Therefore they cannot be persuaded very easily. Some people find it harder to be assertive than other people. This is due to low confidence and the fear of rejection. So in your efforts to become one of those highly successful people, it is very important to develop your confidence and get over your fear of rejection. It is also important not to confuse anger with assertiveness. Anger is usually a result of low confidence. You feel threatened that someone dared to question you. People with high confidence don’t feel threatened because they trust their decisions and judgements. They can stick to their decision without getting angry.

They control their emotions well

Highly successful people seem to be able to control their emotions very well. This ability to control one’s emotions comes from a high level of emotional intelligence. Even though when you think of Intelligence you think that you are born with it, Intelligence can be developed and it is the same with emotional intelligence. A good starting point for learning to control your emotions is to visualise a situation that you tend to get overly emotional and visualise being perfectly in control. It is important to know that being in control of your emotions does not mean that you don’t show emotion at all. It just means you are able to wait until the right time and place to express those emotions. Bottling up your emotions is never a good idea.


They set healthy boundaries

Having healthy boundaries means that you do not let people walk all over you. It also means that you are not afraid to say no to people. This comes from having high self esteem and not being afraid of rejection. When your friend asks for help with something and you find it difficult to say no even though you have other plans that is due to a fear of rejection. Highly successful people do not fear rejection and they prioritise their needs over other people’s needs. Whenever they help someone they do it from a place of happiness and joy rather than stress and fear of rejection. If they are not happy to help they are not afraid to say no.

Successful People Take Responsibility

Highly successful people always take responsibility for their own actions and they never blame someone else for it. The phrase “I had no choice but to …. Because you …” is not in their vocabulary.

They operate with the belief that no other person has control of their actions and their actions are always their responsibility. This kind of belief is very empowering. It means that It doesn’t matter what other people say to you, you can react in the way you choose to.

Having control of their emotions help with this quality. So if you want to be a highly successful person then it is necessary to take full responsibility for your actions as well as any consequences that come with them.

successful people take responsibility
successful people take responsibility

They trust themselves

When you trust yourself you do not ask other people what they think you should do. This is what highly successful people do. They have enough trust in their judgement to carry out something without asking for another person’s opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that they never ask for advice. If they genuinely do not know something they will ask but what they never do is get a second opinion when they know what to do.

They maintain a positive outlook on life

Helen Keller one said no pessimist discovered the secret to the stars, sailed to an uncharted land or opened a new way to the human spirit. This is just a fancy way of saying that if you are a pessimist you are not going to go far. Therefore it is no wonder that maintaining a positive outlook on life has made this list.


In fact, If you do not have a positive Outlook you will not believe that there is a solution to all the problems that you come across on your way to success. That just means that you will give up very early in your journey.

They believe in themselves

You may be wondering why believing in themselves is on the list when I have already mentioned trusting themselves. Earlier I was referring to the person’s judgement. Here I am referring to their ability and skill. In other words, they know that no matter what happens they have the skill and ability to handle it. That is one of the reasons why they are able to trust their own judgement as well.

They take care of themselves

The world is full of men and women who sacrifice their time for other people but a highly successful person will never do that. It is because they know their value and they know that they deserve to be taken care of as well. They do not expect other people to come and take care of them. Instead, they make time to take care of themselves. This means that they make time to relax, exercise and even have a little fun.

If you are a person who always plans to relax but never do because someone else asks you for help and you decide to do that instead then you need to work on your self esteem. The reason you feel that helping another person is more important than your relaxation is your fear of rejection. It is closely associated with low self esteem. Highly successful people would never do that. They believe that just like it is their responsibility to take care of themselves, it is the other person’s responsibility to find a way to solve her own problems.

However, this doesn’t mean that highly successful people never help others. It means that they never help others at the expense of their own mental emotional or physical well being.


They take well-deserved breaks

There is a very highly outdated belief among people that says hard work leads to success. However,  if the only thing you do is hard work and you do not take sufficient breaks you are going to become physically, mentally or emotionally sick. Therefore, it is always a priority of highly successful people to get enough sleep, rest and relaxation so that they can not only be physically healthy but also mentally and emotionally healthy as well.

They do not tolerate Toxic Behavior or toxic people

There are people with certain behaviour patterns that can be toxic to our mental and emotional well being. This could be something as simple as continuously making false promises and giving excuses when they are broken or something as complex as psychopathic or narcissistic behavior.

Highly successful people never tolerate any of this behavior whether they are simple or complex. If someone breaks promises continuously they point it out and makes it clear that they expect better behaviour. In the case that the toxic behaviour does not stop then, they do not hesitate to cut that person out of her life. If that person happens to be immediate family she does not hesitate to distance herself from him or her.

This could be seen as a part of maintaining healthy boundaries. Since highly successful people have high confidence and self esteem they are able to set and maintain these boundaries. As a result, either people stop displaying toxic behaviour in front of them or they stay out of her life.

successful people dont tolerate toxic behavior
successful people don’t tolerate toxic behavior

They set Goals

Highly successful people know exactly what they want and they set goals with deadlines in order to achieve them. They never stop growing. In fact, when they achieve their goal they set a new goal. For them having a goal makes life exciting and they never see it as a burden.


They step out of their comfort zone

These people like to try out new things and this is how they keep expanding their comfort zone. Most people do not like to step out of their comfort zone because it makes them uncomfortable. But highly successful people see stepping out of the comfort zone as something exciting and challenging. This is why they keep doing it over and over again.

So it is important to note that highly successful people have certain beliefs that reinforce the good habits that I have listed above. Some of these beliefs are things like doing new things is exciting, I can do anything I set my mind to and I deserve to be treated with respect. Installing such beliefs in your own mind will help you become more successful.

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12 habits of successful people
12 habits of successful people

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