12 simple things happy people do

For certain people, happiness comes naturally. How fast they recover from a tragedy is amazing. Nothing can get them down, or rather keep them down.

What is the secret behind Happy People?

You may think that Happy People Are Lucky. But that isn’t true. They have a well-developed set of habits that guarantee happiness in their life. By developing these habits you can enjoy the same level of happiness that they do.

Easier said than done

Remember that things get easy only once these habits are fully developed. Developing habits is difficult. You have to get rid of your negative habits and then replace them with positive ones.


If you have ever tried to eat healthily, you know how hard it is. You have to stop eating junk food and then replace it with healthy food. This doesn’t become a habit right away. The moment you start eating healthy your desire to eat junk food increases; The prevailing habit Fights back. It is only after the healthier habit is strong enough to replace the old habit that things get easier.

So are you up for the challenge?

It’s not easy. It can be done but only if you are up for the challenge. The challenge includes not giving up when failure comes your way. Let’s face it, you will find yourself back in your normal routine at least a few times before desirable habits are formed. You cannot give up at this point. Giving up is the biggest obstacle to developing new habits. Just because it cannot be done right away, doesn’t mean you are a failure. Be patient and kind to yourself. These things take time.

Is there a way to make it easier?

We will talk about 10 habits here in this article. If you try to develop all of them right away you will be overwhelmed. So to make things easier, start with one habit. Make sure it is fully developed before you start incorporating the second habit into your life. As you develop the second make sure the first habit doesn’t start slipping away. If it does, that means you need to stop working on the second habit and continue working on the first habit.

Remember, you are only human. Don’t be harsh on yourself or try to develop two habits at once. Be kind to yourself and take a break if necessary.

12 things happy people do everyday
12 things happy people do everyday

12 things that Happy People do every day

Practice Non Judgement

Judging yourself as well as everyone else is a habit that happy people avoid at all costs. So when you find yourself labeling people “good”, “bad”, “coward”, “brave”, “stupid”, etc acknowledge that you have started to judge them. That will halt the process for a while. The more you do it, the weaker the habit gets. Eventually, you will find yourself practicing non-judgment like a pro. By the way, don’t forget to practice non-judgment on yourself as well.

Let go of the Story

This is connected to the previous point. Let’s say you see a person hitting another person. We’ll call him Jack. You conclude Jack is a mean person. But that does not stop there. The next time you hear a man accus him of lying you believe it.

Why wouldn’t you? You are looking at Jack through a filter that has “bad” written all over it. Fast forward a few years and you hear that Jack did a noble deed. Now you assume that jack is acting for his own benefit. See, that is a story.


You don’t know why Jack did what he did. Why? Because you don’t have mind-reading powers. Whatever explanation you came up with is a fabrication; a story you made up due to your judgments.

Now that you have practiced non-judgment for a while, investigate the stories you have about people. Let go of those stories.

They surround themselves with Happy People

What is the easiest way to be happy? Spend time with Happy People. Happiness is contagious. No matter how Grumpy you are if you spend enough time with Happy People soon you will find yourself happy as well. This is why grumpy people find Happy People annoying. They want to stay Grumpy but happy people make it difficult.

In simple the fastest way to become happy is to change the people you hang out with. However, if you are not a positive person Happy People may not like to have you around. In this case, develop the rest of the habits before you work on this one.

Happy People look for the silver lining

Have you ever met a person who can find a problem with just about anything?


“Congratulations sir, you have won 1 million dollars.”

“Great!, now everyone I know is going to come to me for a loan”

It can go the exact opposite way as well. No matter how tough it gets you can develop the habit of finding happiness.

“You call this a report, you are fired”

“Well, I guess I am free to start the business that I always wanted”


Can you imagine having an attitude like that? Nothing can get you down. Well, not for long anyway.

To practice, come up with a list of 20 worst-case scenarios and find something positive for each one of them. Now that you know how to look for the silver lining, every time you feel upset, ask yourself “what is the silver lining here?”

Happy People look for the silver lining
Happy People look for the silver lining

They practice gratitude

Living in a world full of negativity it is easy to take things for granted. We often forget to be grateful for the delicious food we eat but we never fail to Express disappointment if the food is terrible. Actively noticing small things that you can be grateful for will uplift your mood and turn you into a happy person in the long run.

Think of five things you are grateful for every morning before you start your day and every night before you go to bed. Don’t think mechanically; go deep into your heart and feel the gratitude as well. Even if you cannot feel it in the beginning, keep doing it. It will happen eventually.

Be yourself

Are you trying to impress people around you? Do you dress up in a certain way just to impress people? Are you doing a job that you hate so you can earn enough money to live up to social standards?

If you answered yes for any of these questions you are not being yourself. When you are not yourself you feel like a liar and you become unhappy.

It is better to focus on being happy instead. If you hate doing your makeup don’t do it. The key is to find what makes you happy and do that instead. That is what happy people do.

Do not try to control other people or their opinion.

This is an extension of the previous point. If you want people to look at you and see you in a certain way you will get stressed out. This is because it is beyond your control.

When you stop judging this becomes easier. when you don’t judge, you stop expecting everyone else to judge you as well.

Live a balanced life

Those who are obsessed with one thing will find themselves miserable at some point in their life. Take a man obsessed with his career for example. The moment something goes wrong in his career he will feel like a failure and become miserable.

When one area of your life is facing difficulty you can turn to a different area of your life for happiness. Every area of your life will go through ups and downs. so living a balanced life is crucial if you want to be happy.

Happy People know what is important; They don’t sweat over small things.

Some people try to control everything. unless everything is perfect they can not be happy.

Let’s take a mother as an example. She wants her child to be happy, healthy and well behaved. This is common for a typical mum. What does well behaved mean? For one mother it is being kind and polite.

Another needs her children to always be clean, neat and tidy in addition to always being polite and kind. They are never to run inside the house and have to get straight As in all their exams. Which mother is happier? Obviously, the fewer rules and expectations you have the happier you are.

They take responsibility for their actions and not other people’s action

Happy people take responsibility for their actions and not other people's action
They take responsibility for their actions and not other people’s action

“This is all my fault, I should have stopped her”

” Didn’t you talk to her about it?”

“I did, But she wouldn’t listen. I should have tried harder”

Have you heard anyone talking like this? They are taking responsibility for things that they cannot control. What everyone else chooses to do is not your responsibility. All you can do is talk to them but if they don’t listen it is not your fault. You have to give up trying to control their lives. Unless you can do that you will be unhappy.

“This is all your fault. I should have never listened to you”

This is the other extreme of taking responsibility. Here you are not taking responsibility for your own actions at all. No matter what the other person said you do not have to accept it and follow their instructions if you didn’t think it was ideal. So you cannot blame the other person when that Idea does not work. Ultimately what you do is your responsibility and not theirs.

When you function in this extreme you feel that you are powerless and everyone is out to get you. Then you find yourself unhappy. To put it simply, you must feel like you have some control of your life to be happy. Therefore, you must take responsibility for your own actions.

On the other hand, the moment you try to take responsibility for everyone else’s lives your happiness diminishes. This is because there is so little you can control in their lives. You need to find the perfect balance here; focus on what you can control and let go of what you cannot control.

They are honest and open

No one likes people who hide behind a Mask and pretend to be someone they are not. Therefore, being honest and open is essential.

On the other hand, when you are honest and open it is easier to find people that are compatible with you. These people make awesome friends and fill your life with happiness.

Happy People live with passion

Can you force yourself to live with passion? Not unless you are working on something you are passionate about. If you love music and hate science you will be miserable as a doctor. But, you could thrive in the music industry.

Sure, not everyone can be a pop star. Yet, There’s a lot that happens behind a super hit song such as Writing, acting, directing, music, marketing, technical stuff, etc. Anyone of these positions can bring you immense joy simply because you love what you are creating. Can you see how living with passion can help you elevate your mood and become a happy person?

They willingly accept challenges

Challenges are what makes your life exciting. If you hate change, I bet you are not bouncing with excitement. Challenges can be scary, but once you willingly accept them and successfully overcome them it fills your life with excitement.

What happens if you can’t overcome it? Then you have a wonderful story to tell everyone. Sometimes telling your story and laughing at your own mistakes is as fun as winning. Make a list of happy people you know. Don’t they have wonderful stories to tell you? How many of them are around a mistake, misunderstanding or a complete failure?

They live in the present

Have you ever met a person who lives in the past thinking about all the mistakes he has made? What about a person who talks about how great things used to be. Neither of them is happy.

This is because you have to let go of the past and live in the present to be happy. Practicing non-judgment helps as well. Looking for the silver lining helps too.


You may be trapped in an elevator with your best friend and missing your own birthday party. But, if you decide to live in the present and not blame yourself for going to the mall only a few hours before your party then you can be happy. You are with your best friend after all. Just, reminiscing the past and talking about all the fun things that the two of you have done together could be quite entertaining. Can you see how living in the present can help you become a happy person?

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