12 Weird weight loss tricks that are totally scientific

Struggling with weight loss is not new to most people. It is difficult to control your cravings when you diet. Plus sometimes you don’t have the will power or energy to exercise. If this is you, you would want to know if there are other weight loss tricks.

well, I have good news for you. Yes, there are other ways to lose weight. Here are 12 of them listed for you.

12 weird weight loss tricks that are totally scientific
12 weird weight loss tricks that are totally scientific

Eat a big breakfast

Scientists from Tel Aviv University conducted an experiment that proved that this is the way to go.


18 males and 11 females who were both obese and diabetic (Type 2) participated in this experiment. They were divided into two groups. Group A ate a big breakfast, a moderate lunch, and a light dinner. Group B took 6 light meals throughout the day including snacks.

After 3 months people in group A who ate a big breakfast lost an average of 11 pounds. Group B on the other hand gained an average of 3 pounds.

So why does this unconventional weight loss trick work? Our metabolism is highest in the morning and keeps dropping throughout the day. Thus, it is a good idea to eat the most calories in the morning when it has a higher chance of being burnt.

Drink a few glasses of water as soon as you wake up

Chris Bailey, a productivity expert, proved this weight loss trick. He drank no less than 16 oz of water right after waking up. As a result, he reduced his body fat from 17 % to 10%.

So how does this weight loss trick work? Water increases your metabolism which helps to burn more calories. Plus water helps with your digestion as well.

But why right after waking up? When you wake up your body is already dehydrated due to a long period without water. That’s why drinking water immediately after waking up works wonders for your body.

weight loss ticks - drink water
Drink water as soon as you wake up

Spend time in the sun

White fat deposits become smaller when they are exposed to sunlight. Researchers at the University of Alberta have scientifically proven this.


When the blue light wavelength penetrates your body and reaches the fat cells lipid droplets melts away. So the more time you spend in the sun the less likely your body is to store fat. Bet you didn’t know this weight loss trick, did you?

Avoid Reading or Watching the news First thing in the morning

The first thing that you do in the morning sets the tone for your entire day. Start the morning with uplifting music or meditation and your mood will be elevated throughout the day. In contrast, if you watch the news early in the morning, stress and anxiety will set the tone for the day.

Long term stress will cause stem cells to turn into fat cells. This was published in a journal called Cell metabolism in 2018. When you are under long-term stress the body activates the process of saving calories. So eating less will not allow you to reduce your weight.

If you find yourself in this situation avoid as much stress as possible. Practicing relaxation exercises first thing in the morning can help you with that.

Get a Pet

I bet you can explain how this weight loss trick works using the previous point. Having a dog or cat at home can do wonders for your stress level. So if you are struggling with stress and anxiety getting a pet is the way to go.


Returning home to a dog who is very excited to see you can elevate your mood in seconds. This will help eliminate the risk of long term stress, increase your metabolism, and contribute to weight loss.

Did you know that a pet owner is less likely to miss his workout compared to a person exercising alone? A study on pets and pet owners exercising together has proven this. This is because it is really hard to explain to a dog that you don’t feel like going on the morning run today. Plus doing yoga with the cat or running with a dog is more relaxing and enjoyable than doing it alone.

Eat some sweets with breakfast

weight loss ticks - eat sweets

This weight loss trick also comes from the research conducted by the Tel Aviv University mentioned above. Group A was allowed to eat sweets with the big breakfast while group B had to control their cravings.

According to the researchers, people in group A found it much easier to control their cravings. Group B on the other hand struggled with self-control.

This is not a surprise since group A only fought their cravings for a limited amount of time. Group B however had to wait until the experiment was over.


Remember our metabolism is higher in the morning. so if you eat a piece of cake in the morning it is less likely to add weight to your body. But if you eat the same piece of cake in the evening it is more likely to increase your weight.

So next time you are trying to lose weight give yourself a break and eat something nice with your breakfast. Just don’t overdo it. Eating a small piece of cake is fine but eating 3 small pieces is not.

Take Cold Showers

How does this weight loss trick work? When you take showers your body burns calories to stay warm. A study at the national institute of Health found that a cold shower will increase your metabolism by 93%. For this study, a cold shower is below 70-degrees Fahrenheit ( 21 degrees Celsius). If you take a shower at 57 degrees Fahrenheit (14 centigrade) that percentage will rise up to 350%.

Reduce your room temperature

When you are cold your body will burn calories to keep you warm. The best way to do this is to set your room temperature to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius) when you sleep. This way you will be burning fat while you are sleeping. However, do not put on too many layers of clothing. If you do so this weight loss trick will not be effective.

Drink Plain Black Coffee in the morning

The National Institute of Health did a study to monitor the effects of caffeine. They witnessed a 29% increase in metabolism in slim people. For people with extra weight, this number was only 10%. Anyway drinking plain black coffee in the morning will help you increase your metabolism and get rid of that extra fat.

Eat spicy food

If you are a fan of spicy food I bet you would like this weight loss trick. Spicy food contains an ingredient called capsaicin that helps burn roughly 10 calories for every meal. It is also known to reduce your appetite later on.

Switch your cooking oil to coconut oil

Research shows that people who have 2 tablespoons of coconut oil at breakfast are less hungry by lunchtime. So by switching to coconut oil you can expect to reduce your appetite throughout the day. Plus it digests faster as well.


Season with apple cider vinegar

People who season using apple cider vinegar are said to eat roughly 200 calories less than other people. This is because it suppresses the function of a brain region that governs appetite. This way you will be eating less and as a result burning more fat.

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12 weird weight loss tricks that are totally scientific
12 weird weight loss tricks that are totally scientific



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