2 Minute Secret Military Sleep Hack

If you were able to fall asleep on command no matter where you are would that come in handy to you? In the case, you have a newborn baby or a sleep disorder you would say yes. But really, anyone can benefit from it, especially if you are on an uncomfortable flight. That is why it is worth learning this 2-minute sleep hack.

2 minute secret military sleep hack
Fall asleep in 2 minutes with this sleep hack


This sleep hack was developed by the US Military. During the world war, it became necessary for pilots to get enough sleep. If they didn’t, they were prone to make costly mistakes such as attacking their own from far away.

As you can imagine, getting that sleep in the middle of a world war was a huge challenge. So they developed a way to fall asleep fast whenever possible no matter where they were. That is the story behind this sleep hack.


Who can benefit from this sleep hack?

  • Parents with newborn babies
  • People with sleep disorders
  • Pregnant women who have trouble falling asleep
  • People with jobs that mess up their routine sleeping cycle
  • Anyone who wants to fall asleep in the car, on a flight, etc

Can anyone fall asleep in 2 minutes using this sleep hack?

After 6 weeks of practicing 96% of US soldiers were able to fall asleep in 2 minutes. If they can you can too. The bottom line is you need to practice this for 6 weeks. Don’t give up because it didn’t work on your first try. By the way, relax and stop trying too hard to fall asleep. Relaxation is key for this method to work.

Did you know?

Did you know that bringing your attention to a tense muscle will help it relax? Well, it does. Try it now.

2-minute sleep hack in 6 steps

Step 01: Get as comfortable as possible. If you are on a flight that means adjusting your seat for maximum comfort. Don’t worry you don’t need to be in a lying position for this to work. In fact, the above-mentioned pilots were tested in seating positions.

Step 02: Relax your facial muscles. Start from the top of your head and bring your attention to the muscles there. Let them relax. Bring your attention down while letting your entire face relax. Pay special attention to the forehead, eyes, and Jaw.

Step 03: Bring your shoulders as down as possible. This will help your neck and shoulders to relax. Now bring your attention down your neck through your shoulders down your arms into your hands letting each muscle relax.

Step 04: Breathe out and relax your chest.

Step 05: Bring the relaxation further down your body by bringing your attention to each muscle and letting it relax. Pay special attention to your legs, especially thighs, calves, and ankle


Step 06: Clear your mind. There are 3 ways to do this. Pick the one that is easiest for you.

  1. Imagine yourself lying in a canoe in the middle of a peaceful blue lake with nothing but the clear blue sky above you for 10 seconds.
  2. Imagine yourself snuggled up in a black velvet hammock in a pitch-black room for 10 seconds.
  3. Repeat the phrase “don’t think” over and over again for 10 seconds.

Then Let yourself slowly drift asleep.

Avoid these pitfalls

Here is why

Our brain has a survival mechanism in which we cannot fall asleep in the middle of a life-threatening situation. So how does the brain decide if you are in the middle of a life-threatening situation? It looks at how tense your muscles are and how vigilant your mind is.


That is why you need to relax all those muscles. On top of that if you are trying too hard to relax every single muscle you will be too vigilant to fall asleep. Trying to clear your mind using too much effort does the same thing. So clear your mind for 10 seconds and then let it drift.

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2 minute secret military sleep hack
2 minute secret military sleep hack


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