Month: July 2020

symptoms of depression

11 Little Known Symptoms of Depression


Depression eats away at your soul until you are merely a bleak version of what you once were. Nothing in your life is right. You are definitely not happy. And any interest that …

50 success quotes that will inspire you to go for it


“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”


“If you really want to do something, you’ll find …

12 things happy people do everyday

12 simple things happy people do

For certain people, happiness comes naturally. How fast they recover from a tragedy is amazing. Nothing can get them down, or rather keep them down.

What is the secret behind Happy People?

You may …

How to keep calm in a crisis

How to keep calm in a crisis (Corona Pandemic)

It’s a frightening time to live in with Corona virus spreading around the globe like wildfire. However, panicking could make things worse. It is crucial to be calm in situations like …

15 Basic Signs of Insecurity

15 Basic Signs of Insecurity


Insecurity is not at all hard to detect if you know what you are looking for. Signs of insecurity are very difficult to hide even if you think you are doing a dam good …

How to Start Over and take control of your life

Start Over | How to Start Over and take control of your life

If you are wondering how to start over, you are most likely stressed, bored, confused, hurt or angry. Sometimes life gets to you and you wish you …

12 Psychological Tricks for Students

Study Tips For Exams |12 Super Effective Psychology Tricks for Students

Learning can be a challenge. Especially when you are not interested in the subjects that you are supposed to learn. Let’s face it, that is exactly what the modern …

5 powerful reasons why selfcare not selfish

5 Powerful Reasons why Self Care isn’t Selfish

Those who take care of themselves have more love to give to others.

If someone always thinks about others before themselves, they tend to expect the same treatment from everyone else. However,

Relaxation Techniques

6 Relaxation Techniques | How to Overcome Stress


Stress has become a major part of the modern world. That is why we need to actively take some time to relax. We need to actively take part in maintaining a …

9 ways to step out of your comfort zone

How to step out of your comfort zone

It is important to step out of your comfort zone for a successful career as well as a meaningful life.  Yet how many of us do it? We always find ourselves in …