5 Must Watch TED Talks on Success

Everyone wants to be successful. But not everyone take the time to learn about success itself. Most people use trial and error as their method to achieve success. This is is a tough time consuming process. On the other hand, simply learning success strategies that have already worked for other people can help you to achieve success in a shorter time. What better way to learn about success than ted talks. Here are 5 Ted Talks on success to get you started.

5 Must Watch TED Talks on success
5 Must Watch TED Talks on success

Why the secret to success is setting the right goals by John Doerr

This is all about goal setting. The main idea here is how the right goal can drive us to success. John provides examples to illustrate what the right goal is. He also gives us a matrix to determine if the goal we are setting is right or not.

This system has been adopted by Google at a very early stage. It is one of the things that drove Google to become the giant it is today. In the end of the speech John talks about how we can take this system beyond a company into our lives. If our governments use it we can finally hold them accountable. It has that much power.


Watch this video to learn about this amazing system

3 Lessons on Success from an Arab Businesswoman Leila Hoteit

Leila Hoteit is an Arab Businesswoman who had to fight cultural barriers on her journey to success. In her culture, further education and career development is not encouraged for women. Yet her father encouraged her to go abroad and expand her horizon.

However, on her journey she had to face harsh judgements, disappointments and even outright rude remarks. Having had to face such discrimination; she gives us 3 lesson on how to handle them. Lets face it, a person can not overcome such strong barriers without a rock-solid strategy.

Find Out what her strategy is. How did she handle being told “when women have children their place is at home” ? What did she do when a well meaning relative said “come on, you must know you are not a great mom given how much you are investing in your career”? It is a truly inspirational story with rock-solid advice that you will need on your way to success.

Why winning doesn’t always equal success by Valerie Kondos Field

Valerie is a gymnastic coach who has won multiple awards. The key message here is winning doesn’t mean success, if you end up broken. This is a must watch Ted Talk for parents, teachers, coaches, businessmen and anyone who has influence over other people’s life. Through her stories, you will understand the importance of Living a balanced life. It actually helps you become even more successful in the long run.

The real relationship between your age and your chance of success

Albert-László Barabási is a pioneer in network science. He specializes in uncovering the hidden order behind complex systems.

In this Ted talk, he analyses the truth behind a comment of Albert Einstein. Einstein once suggested that if a scientist does not make a contribution to science by the age of 30 he will not be making a contribution at all. This suggests that a person’s creativity drops after the age of 30.


When he puts this to this test using his mathematical knowledge it turns out to be true. But, as he digs deeper he discovers that it is indeed not true. The secret to success lies not in a person’s age but in something else. Watch this video to find out what it is.


The secret to success: it’s not what you think by Kim Perrel

Kim Perel is an entrepreneur. She talks about what it takes to become successful. She introduces Resilience as the primary requirement for success. Then she illustrates it with personal stories of how she became successful. After that she talks about an emotional experience that she went through in 2014 and how it changed her definition of success. A truly inspiring speech. Watch it here.


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