5 Powerful Reasons why Self Care isn’t Selfish

5 powerful reasons why selfcare not selfish
5 powerful reasons why selfcare not selfish

Those who take care of themselves have more love to give to others.

If someone always thinks about others before themselves, they tend to expect the same treatment from everyone else. However, that is not a practical approach since no one can understand what you need better than yourself. Even if everyone in your life tries to put you first what they think you need will not be exactly what you need. Therefore, you are always going to feel uncared for and misunderstood and you will live in resentment.

Even though you do everything for others your resentment will come out through your words and actions and everyone else will start to feel hurt because of it. This is why, people who do a lot for others, maybe ignored or not valued by others. To put it simply you can not like a person who resents you.

In contrast, those who take time to take care of themselves feel taken care of. With their basic emotional and psychological needs taken care of, they have more potential to live in joy and to provide more love to others. It’s as simple as you can give more when you are filled Up Inside with joy and love rather than anger resentment and feeling unworthy. Can you see how self care isn’t selfish?

Lack of self care leads to resentment
Lack of self care leads to resentment

Self care Leads to Better Relationships

When you take care of yourself physically and emotionally you feel a sense of joy and happiness throughout the day. With happiness in the background, you bring a new level of communication into your relationships. Whatever you say, you say with love and those around you can feel the emotion behind it. It strengthens your relationships.

When you operate with love, you can better understand other people and when you understand them better you are able to communicate with them in a more effective way. As a result, you begin to avoid unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings. This is how the quality of your relationships will improve when you take time to take care of yourself. Since better relationships benefit others as well. This is why self care isn’t selfish.

Those who take care of themselves are Better decision makers. Everyone benefits from Better decisions.

With self care, you take care of your needs and that leads to a clear mind. If you wait for others to take care of you this will not be the case. Clarity will lead to better decision making. If you are a good decision maker this will impact all areas of your life. You will impact your kid’s lives in a better way. Your decision will impact your career in a positive way. Everyone in your company will reap the benefits of your good decision making skills. Can you see how self care isn’t selfish?

Self care leads to productivity which your family, company and the whole country will benefit from

I already discussed how self care leads to good decision making. Productivity is the result of such good decisions. Productivity benefits not just you and your family but also the entire company you work for and maybe even the whole country. Can this get more selfless? Self care is not selfish at all.

Self esteem grows when you take care of yourself and those who have high self esteem provide more to others.

When you take care of yourself, you feel that you are worthwhile. That simple feeling is the basis for having high self esteem. The cause of all mental problems is having low self esteem. It doesn’t matter if you are feeling sad and depressed or arrogant and angry, both of them are results of low self esteem. Being sad and depressed is a direct result of having low self esteem and feeling unworthy. In contrast, being angry and arrogant is a defense you have built up against the low self esteem that is buried deep within you.

Both of these issues are not good for you and all the people around you. Therefore, making sure that you take care of your mental health is one selfless act. By doing this you make sure that you are not the cause of unhappiness for those people around you. That’s why self care isn’t selfish at all. It is like when a mother stops her child from eating ice cream when he is sick. Will it make the child unhappy? Yes, But the benefits out-way the short term unhappiness.

how self-care benefits others
how self-care benefits others

You might ask, but if I don’t help them out and decide to do some self care routine instead wouldn’t that make them unhappy as well?

Technically, yes for about 5 minutes until they find a different way to solve the problem. However, if you become mentally imbalanced you will become a problem that Never Goes away. Anyone with a grain of Intelligence would choose the former over the latter.


To make things clear, I am not saying that you should never help your friends or that you should always prioritize yourself over others. No, what I am saying is, “never prioritize others when you are tired and need a break because you are important too”. In the long run, you will not be doing others a favor by exhausting yourself or becoming a doormat for them. In the end, you will resent them. Slowly they will begin to feel that and they would start to dislike You too. Then you will wonder why they dislike you when you have always prioritized them over yourself. You will start to feel like the world is not fair.


How many of you are already in this situation?

If you are in this situation, don’t worry most people find themselves in that situation very often. The solution is simple, understand that self care is good for you and it’s good for others. Know that the damage you do when you don’t take care of yourself, is far greater than whatever you are giving up to do so. Therefore, make self care the highest priority in your life.

Can you see how self care isn’t selfish?

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5 powerful reasons why selfcare not selfish
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