8 Simple Things Good Bosses Do | How to be a Good Boss

Having a good boss can do wonders for your career. A good boss can create a positive working environment, motivate and uplift her employees, boost retention rates and create a lasting impact on someone else’s life. Information in this article will help you pick a good boss to work with as well as become one yourself.

8 Things Good Bosses Do
8 Things Good Bosses Do

It all begins with building trust

Trust is important for any relationship. It is no different for the boss-employee relationship. Trust invites open and honest communication. Your employees will talk to you about potential problems early on. This will stop small problems from turning into disasters.

Trust has two components. You should be able to trust your employees to do their job right. They should be able to trust you to keep your word and do what is best for the team.


So if you want to be a good boss, be honest with your employees. If you don’t know something say you don’t know but make sure to find out later on. If you say you will do something make sure you do it. This is how a good boss builds trust.

First, listen then decide

Your employees the human beings. They are not going to be happy in an environment where they are treated like robots. A good boss understands this. So be sure to listen to what they say. Even if you do not go with their recommendations, make sure to let them know that you heard them. The best way to do it is to simply explain why you decided against it.

A good boss never discourages employees from giving suggestions. The simple fact that they are heard and that their opinion is valued gives them a sense of belonging. This will increase retention rates, keep them motivated and give them a sense of happiness. This creates a Win-Win situation where both the company and the employee reaps the benefits.

Don’t micromanage

Don't Micromanage
This is why you shouldn’t micro-manage

When a boss tries to control every little detail of your work it is called micromanaging. While it is important to make sure your employees meet the targets, micromanaging is not the way to achieve it. The employee should be given a certain level of freedom to approach the task in a way they desire. First, they perform better when they are doing it their way. Second, they do it with joy and fulfillment. This will not only create a positive working environment but also allow them to perform better. Therefore a good boss will stay clear of micromanagement.

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Help your employees understand you better

Do you get annoyed by people who beat around the bush? If so, make it known to your employees. Tell them that you prefer open and honest communication. This simple information will help prevent misunderstandings and make Communications better. As a result, a happier environment will be created for both you and your employees.

Most people prefer to keep this information a secret because of their insecurities. But the only thing that will come out of it is misunderstandings and headaches. The employees will think that you are rude and have anger issues. They will be afraid to approach you. When they do it will be after the problem has gone haywire. This will add to your stress level. Can you see how being upfront about your quarks can be beneficial for both you and your employees?


Understand that they have a life

It’s important for a Boss to know about the employee’s life outside the office. Learn a bit about their family, interests, skills, etc. This will make it easier for you to decide what projects should be assigned to them. It is never a good idea to assign people with small children weekend duty. Non-tech-savvy people can be assigned to do more paperwork.

It is also important for the employees to understand that you too have a life outside the office. Talking about your family, your childhood, your hobbies at appropriate times will make this happen. This will help build good interpersonal relationships. It also helps build trust.

Another aspect of this is having good practices like not sending late-night emails, giving an overworked employee a day off, etc. Such practices help create a happier work environment in which both the company and the employee will prosper. It’s more things like these that make a good boss a great boss.

Celebrate small wins along the way

It is important to keep your eye on the goal. But there’s nothing wrong with celebrating small wins along the way. Giving a shout-out to someone who is doing a good job during a staff meeting, letting your employees know you noticed how hard they have been working, or a simple thank you for the extra work they have been putting in can go a long way.

Select the right person for the job

The standard procedure for hiring someone may include looking at work experience and other qualifications. But the good bosses know it is important to look at what they will bring to the team. Someone with an attitude problem no matter how talented or qualified is a risk that should not be taken. Also, you need to pay attention to what talents are missing from your team. So when you are hiring someone new look for those talents in addition to the usual qualifications.


Communicate your Vision and Values clearly

Have you ever done something that you thought your boss would like but had it blown up in your face instead? When the boss does not communicate his vision and values clearly this could easily happen. So whenever you make a decision, explain the reason behind it. This will help your employees understand your values clearly. What is more important? Delivering quality work or delivering work on time? When is a delay acceptable? When is it not? How much delay is acceptable? Things like this should be clearly communicated.

But before that, you need to have your values clearly defined. Sometimes people have contradictory values. In this case, the boss ends up saying one thing at one time and another thing later on. This will create confusion and an unhealthy working environment. So as a good boss it is essential to define your values clearly and stick to them.

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8 Things Good Bosses Doo
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