How to stop being lazy | 9 ways to overcome laziness

The love of your life just asked you out. You said yes and just when you are about to kiss him/her, the stupid alarm wakes you up. All you want to do is snuggle into the warmth of your blanket and go back to Dreamland. The rational part of your brain tells you to stop being lazy but you ignore it anyway.

Does your day start like this? You are not alone; it happens to a lot of people. But it is those who can overcome laziness that turns out to be highly successful. So here are 9 tips that will help you to stop being lazy.

stop being lazy
stop being lazy

#1. Take long Deep Breaths

Laziness is closely associated with having low energy. When you take long deep breaths it increases the oxygen level in your blood. As a result, the body burns more fat and increases your energy levels. The change is almost instantaneous. Just taking 10 or 20 deep breaths can help you to stop being lazy.


#2. Stop calling yourself lazy

Do you say phrases like “I am too lazy to do that”? Or Worse, “I am lazy”? It may seem like a harmless phrase, but you create your identity around being lazy by saying it. Your identity impacts who you are and how you behave. So calling yourself lazy has the power to turn you into a lazy person. Therefore, if you must say that you are lazy use different wording like I am feeling lazy now. This phrase makes it clear that it is just a feeling and it is only happening now. Can you see the difference? On the other hand, using an affirmation like “I am active and energetic” will help you overcome laziness.

how to stop being lazy
how to stop being lazy? stop calling your self lazy

#3. Find your purpose

Have you ever felt like you don’t have the energy to get up and go to work? Does complaining about having to do a lot of paperwork and “what’s the use of doing it anyway?” a common thing in your life? If that is the case, you are lacking purpose in your work.

Having a purpose can help you overcome the lack of motivation and help you become more energetic. So write down your purpose. Include how it is impacting other people, the country and the economy. A teacher whose purpose is to help create intelligent students who will one day be a huge asset to the country will be more motivated than a teacher who just wants to help students pass their exams.

Sometimes this is all you need to feel motivated enough to overcome laziness. If that doesn’t work you need to find something else that motivates and inspires you. To put it simply, you cannot stop being lazy without a sense of purpose.

#4. Identify the reason behind your laziness

As I mentioned in the previous point, not having a purpose is a major contributor for feeling lazy. There are other reasons as well. For example, you may be suffering from a lack of energy due to a lack of sleep or unhealthy dietary patterns. Another reason behind your laziness could be because you are afraid of failing. Whatever the reason may be, acknowledge and find viable solutions for it. This will help you overcome laziness.

#5. Use your laziness to motivate you

Instead of fighting laziness use it to your advantage. Want to watch TV instead of going to the gym? Then tell yourself that you will watch TV only after you workout for at least half an hour. This will motivate you to finish the workout so that you can watch the latest episode of whatever you are watching these days. Stick to this resolution and you will find that you no longer have to face the consequences of being lazy. A Wonderful trick isn’t it? use laziness to stop being lazy.

how to stop being lazy? use laziness to motivate you
use laziness to motivate you

#6. Get into a routine

The simple act of deciding what to do next can be sometimes overwhelming. Every time you have to decide what to do next there is a chance that you would do something unproductive. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to get into a routine. This way you do not have to think about what you will do next and you will be more productive.


#7. Find shortcuts

Bill Gates once said I will always choose a lazy person for a difficult task because he will find a way to make it easier. So when you are faced with a task that you would not want to do, try to find creative ways to make the task easier. Sometimes the challenge of finding easy ways to do it is enough to motivate you to start doing it.

#8. Look into the Future

Think about your laziness. If you continue to be this way what would your life be like in 10 years? Would you be left behind while other people move forward? Will you lose your job? What will your family say? How about your friends? Think of the worst-case scenario. Create as much fear and dislike towards that outcome. Then use it to motivate you to stop being lazy.

#9. Be kind and Flexible

One of the biggest challenges to overcome laziness is that Harsh voice inside your head that expects you to be perfect. You may have done 10 things right but the moment you do one thing wrong that voice speaks up. “You are an idiot”, it would say “you can’t even get to the office on time, no wonder you didn’t get that promotion”.


You need to fight this voice. The best way to do it is to be kind to yourself. Replace that voice with kind words. “It’s ok that I was late today; I am only human; I will leave 10 minutes early tomorrow to avoid this situation”. Can you see how these words will keep your morale up? Harsh words will not only hurt your feelings but also discourage you from trying to be better. After all, what is the point of trying if you are an idiot and you are going to fail anyway?

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How to stop being lazy | 9 simple ways to overcome laziness
9 simple ways to overcome laziness

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