Confidence Building Activities

In my experience, the number one thing that guarantee you move forward in life is your self confidence. Therefore, a few confidence building activities could empower just about anyone.

I was someone who struggled with confidence for a very long time. However, once I improve my self confidence I found life to be much easier and enjoyable.

Additionally, I became good at things that I could not get right no matter how hard I tried 5 years ago.


It felt like I woke up one day with the ability to do the exact same things I was unable to master for years.

Yet that was not what happened. I had been engaging in a journey of improving my self confidence for quite a while before it came to fruition.

It only seemed like an overnight success because I had given up doing many things just because I knew I wouldn’t get it right.

A few months later when I attempted to do the same things with the new found confidence it came naturally to me.

As a result, I discovered that the only reason things were so difficult for me was that I kept second-guessing every single decision. That was a result of low self confidence.

confidence builfing activities
confidence building activities

A story about Confidence

One day I was making fudge for the new year celebration with my mother. While I was confident that I could get it right she wasn’t.

She was second guessing everything. I felt my confidence drop as well. Sure enough, we didn’t get it right and in the end. I felt like I could have done it if I was doing it alone. That is when I understood how powerful self confidence really is.


In this article, I am pointing out a few confidence building activities that you can try yourself.

While I have divided it into subsections such as confidence building activities for preschoolers, elementary students, middle school, high school students, youth, adults, athletes, it is important to note that even if you are an adult you could still benefit from trying out the activities named for children. Nevertheless, it does not work the other way around.

Confidence building activities for 1 to 4-year-olds

Activity: Fun with Building Blocks

Start by building a simple structure using soft building blocks. Then, wait for your child to topple it down. If he or she doesn’t topple it down you can “accidentally” do it. After that, start rebuilding it with your child.

This teaches your child, perseverance and also that mistakes are no big deal. Both of these qualities are qualities of people with confidence.

Confidence building activities for Preschoolers and elementary students

Activity: Complete Sentences

You can do these activities, verbally or you can have the child write them down. Anyhow, make it a fun game to play with your child.


Ask your child to complete the following sentences

  1. I feel good about my…
  2. My friends like me because…
  3. I am fun to hang around because…
  4. My mother loves me because…
  5. I am great at…
  6. People like my…
  7. I am proud of | happy about | gifted at …

You can do this a few times while encouraging your child to come up with a different answer.

This encourages children to think positively about themselves and makes them feel good about themselves. It builds self esteem, which is basically the foundation upon which self-confidence is built.

Activity:Say Thank you.

Bragging as well as dismissing complements are signs of self esteem issues. The idea behind this exercise is to eventually develop your child’s self esteem.

Start by Saying something nice to your child in 1 or 2 sentences. Then, ask him to respond with a Thank you plus one more sentence. After that, the child should compliment you and you respond in the same way.


You are not allowed to

    1. Give reasons for your compliment.
    2. Dismiss the compliment.
    3. Brag. (This is why the answer is limited to one sentence)

Here is an example,
You: You are really good at adding numbers. I am proud of you.
Child: Thank you, my teacher said that too. That is a beautiful dress.
You: Thanks. I like it too. You are so cute.
Child: Thanks, You make the best pancakes in the world.
You: Thank you, I am glad you like them.

Confidence building activities for middle school students

Activity: Make a list

Make a list of mistakes you have made over time. Then make a plan to avoid such situations in the future.
For example, a student may say, ” I failed my math quiz yesterday”
Then their plan will be ” I will go home and re-do 5 math questions every day”

Confidence building activities for high school students

Activity: Fogging

This technique is called fogging because it catches the other person by surprise. It is generally used as a Response to aggressiveness. Therefore, is a good trick to teach your teenage kids. Getting him or her, to play this with a sibling is a good way to go.

Start by saying something that he doesn’t agree with. However, make sure it is a rather neutral topic. Never use any of the hot topics for this.

For example, you can say “The donuts at cafe ABC are terrible”

Now your child has to notice what is true about your statement and respond in a way that is neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

For example, he can say, “They are sweeter than normal but I like them”.

This skill will help your child diffuse aggressive situations without giving in or becoming aggressive.

Confidence building activities for youth.

Activity: Collect Phone numbers

If you are single and you are at a bar, go and talk to 10 random people and ask for their number. You are not allowed to filter people by their looks on this exercise. So don’t hesitate to ask for their number from people who are way out of your league.

Expect failure, but do it anyway. You might be surprised by the results. If you are not single you can try to clink glasses with 10 random people instead.

Confidence building activities for adults

Get your friends to join you for this exercise. Ask your friend to make a random request and you have to respond by saying no. Now it’s your turn to make a request from your friend and ask her to simply decline the request.

Rules: You are not allowed to give reasons for the request or the answer.

This might be uncomfortable for you at first, but if you practice this enough times you will eventually feel comfortable. If it makes you too uncomfortable, first try doing this a few times in your head without a friend.

Activity: Do something embarrassing on purpose

People with high self confidence don’t get embarrassed easily. Thus, this exercise will build immunity to embarrassment. Here, you will purposely do something embarrassing.

  1. Go to a book shop and ask for coffee.
  2. Call a coworker by the wrong name
  3. Wave to a random stranger
  4. Call your aunt mom
  5. Text the wrong person
  6. Go to a coffee shop and ask for a book.

Confidence building activities for athletes

Activity: Affirmations

You have probably heard of affirmations before, since it is a popular way to install new beliefs and get rid of the old ones. Therefore, it is generally used in sports, as your belief in your ability plays an important role in this field.
An Affirmation is a phrase that you say repeatedly over and over again. Do it with conviction and it will be even more effective.
So, If you are a runner, you can try the following affirmations.

“I am a lean, mean running machine” Or “I run like the wind” Or”I get faster and faster day by day.”

Now that you have an idea of what affirmations look like you can come up with your own affirmation that fits your needs.


Activity: Visualization

When you visualize, you vividly imagine doing something. So if you are a runner, you can visualize running a race, passing all other competitors and winning the first place. The more you visualize, the more confident you become.
In contrast to popular belief, if you can’t see it clearly, it’s still okay. Use your other senses along with your imagination to visualize. Regardless of the name, visualization does not have to be visual.
Note: Even Though affirmation and visualization are recommended for athletes, It works equally well for artists, singers, dancers, actors, public speakers, leaders and just about anyone who needs an extra confidence boost.

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Confidence building activities

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