Quit Smoking Introduction | The #1 reason why people fail to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is very tough. In fact, the majority of people, not only struggle with it but also give up trying. In this post titled Quit Smoking Introduction, I will reveal to you the number 01 reason why people fail to quit smoking. Then you will get to know how to solve this issue and finally, I will provide more tips and tricks that will help you quit smoking for good this time.

Experts may say that smoking is highly addictive. But is that the number one reason why people fail to quit smoking? No, it’s not.

Yes, you will have to deal with withdrawal symptoms, however, that is not why people fail to quit smoking. As difficult as it may be this challenge could easily be overcome if you focus on the positive.


Let me illustrate this with an example.

quit smoking

John’s Story

John wanted to quit smoking. He did a lot of research and when he attempted to quit, he used smoking patches, nicotine gum, and even subliminal messages to help him quit.
He managed to last 3 days. After that his will power began to drop, withdrawal symptoms began to show and it made him very stressed.
He almost gave up a few times, but with the help of his friends, he managed to continue. Two more days passed. It was getting even more difficult. That was when he lost all his self-control and smoked.
It felt good while smoking, but soon he felt like a failure. That is when he gave up and never even tried again.
He told himself that It was way too difficult and addictive. After you start there is no way out because It is just not possible.

The #1 reason why people fail to quit smoking

In reality, he only quit because he focused on the negative. From the day he decided to quit how many times do you think he managed to not smoke when he felt like smoking? Probably over a hundred times. Yet he managed to focus on the one time he failed and labeled himself as a failure, ignoring the fact that he succeeded in not smoking a hundred times.

So as you can see, his failure rate was less than 1%, but he still called himself a failure. Isn’t that a little too harsh? Seriously, Edison failed over 1000 times before he succeeded to invent the light bulb. Put that into perspective and you will see that John was super successful at quitting to smoke.

So, it is clear if he had continued his attempts to quit smoking he would have succeeded. You can’t expect to get things right in your first try because it is virtually impossible. Such attitudes are detrimental to our own well-being.

success and failure quote
success and failure quote

So what now?

I challenge you to try again. This time, don’t let failure stop you. Continue trying even when it feels like a waste of time. Keep track of how many times you resisted the temptation to smoke. When you do that you will feel like a winner. That will help you push through hard times.

Some more tips to help you

Find a great reason to quit that will continue to motivate you when things get rough

You might be thinking of health reasons as the reason to quit, but usually, this is not powerful enough to help you follow through. You need a reason that is more emotional; not just intellectual. Because at the end of the day it is your emotions that drive most of your actions.


So what is a good reason? A father with a newborn daughter may decide to quit smoking so that he would stay alive to walk his daughter down the aisle. Can you see how this reason has more power in it? The power comes from the emotions attached to it.

Use Nicotine gum and regular gum to help you

Start by using nicotine gum when you feel like smoking. After about a month, use normal gum to replace nicotine gum. However, make sure, you don’t go from 10 nicotine gums a day to 10 regular gums a day overnight. Replace 1 out of 10 of your daily intake with normal gums first. Then increase it to 2 and then 3 and 4 and so on.

Word of warning though; take your time. Remember, there is no hurry. I suggest you take at least a week before you go from 1 normal gum to 2 and so on.

Even when you get to 2 don’t take two normal gums one after another. Add a few nicotine gums in between. You get the picture, don’t you? You can also use nicotine lozenges in the same way.


One of the biggest reasons why people turn to, smoking is to relieve stress. Needless to say, quitting smoking can be quite stressful. Especially when the withdrawal symptoms kick in. Therefore, it is important to actively work on relieving your stress. I have an article on relaxation that lists 6 ways You Can Relax.
Check it out here: https://www.insightbook.net/relaxation-techniques/


Cut down before you quit.

It might be super tough to go from smoking 5 cigarettes a day to quitting smoking overnight. So you can first try to reduce the number of cigarettes you are smoking instead of quitting altogether. For the first week or two, try smoking 4 cigarettes instead of 5. Then gradually reduce it to 3 and then 2 so on.

After you reach one cigarette a day you can smoke every other day, then once every 2 days, etc. Take your time in the same way that I have advised for nicotine gum. There is no need to hurry. Trying to go fast is setting yourself up for failure. So take it slow.

Clean your house

The moment you try to quit, the first thing you should do after getting rid of all your cigarettes is to clean your house. The smell of cigarettes is a trigger that will give rise to the desire to smoke.

Cleaning your house will reduce the chance of this happening. However, just cleaning the house is not enough. Wash all your clothes so that no smell of cigarette lingers any more. Have your carpets and curtains cleaned by professionals. You might even have to reupholster your furniture.

Furthermore, clean the walls, countertops, and furniture with a vinegar solution. Use the link below to learn, how to make, the vinegar solution, for cleaning.



Since you are reupholstering the furniture you might want to paint the walls as well. Paint it in a different color and you will feel a sense of a fresh start. This could help you keep your morale up.

As mentioned before, take your time to do this. Don’t try to do the whole thing in one or two days because it will just stress you and increase the chances of smoking. As Tony Robbins says you have to set yourself up to win.

Start doing this when you have cut down your cigarette intake to one cigarette a day. However, when you smoke, make sure to smoke as far away from home as possible.

Try Stevia

Stevia is a Herb that is also used as a sweetener. It has no calories. Studies in Germany have shown that stevia can help you overcome smoking as well as alcohol addictions. Just add 3 drops of stevia from a dropper onto your tongue directly when you feel a strong craving. Additionally, you can add it to your tea.

Join a Support Group

Joining a support group makes you a part of a community working towards the same goal. This is very powerful because You get to connect with people who are going through the same process.

When one succeeds, it becomes an inspiration for you. Besides, you can’t say it’s impossible when other members are succeeding.

Also, you get to learn from other people’s experiences. The very thing you are struggling with someone in the group has successfully overcome already. They will tell you exactly how to handle it. Maybe its friends who discourage you. Or it could be family, who can’t seem to understand that these things take time. Whatever it is the group will help you.

If the support group has a moderator or an expert who has been in this field for a long time, there is probably no problem he hasn’t heard before. He is a fountain of knowledge and experience that you can tap into.

Use a smoke-free app

Smoke-free apps will remind you of your progress, including how many hours you have been smoke-free, how much money you have saved, etc. Some apps have integrated behavior therapy enabling you to understand your habit patterns better and avoid pitfalls.

They also warn you of what is expected to happen next. For example, they will tell you when withdrawal symptoms are likely to increase and how long until they will start to decrease. At the same time, they award points and medals like in a video game to keep you motivated.

Here is a list of such smoke free-apps.


Remind yourself the benefits of quitting

Did you know that as soon as 20 minutes of quitting your heart rate will stabilize and your blood circulation will improve? Also, within 8 hours the nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your blood will drop in half. Such information can keep you motivated.

To find out more about what will happen in your body when you stop smoking follow the link below. In fact, I recommend you print their infographic and look at it frequently. Mark each stage with a tick as pass it. Such actions will keep you motivated.


Going for a run or doing some kind of physical activity when you crave a cigarette is a good way to tackle cravings because it releases endorphins. Consequently, your mental-emotional states will change making your cravings go away. It also helps to reduce stress, which is a major reason why people turn to smoke.

Stay away from people who smoke

Some of your best friends may be smokers, but hanging out with them is going to increase your chances of falling back into the old pattern of smoking. This is absolutely necessary when you are trying to quit due to several reasons.

Basically, the smell of cigarettes can Trigger your desire to smoke and it is even more difficult to control your desire when someone is smoking right in front of you. Also, smokers may not be supportive of your quest and may tease you or try to convince you that it cannot be done.

Just because they couldn’t, doesn’t mean you cannot either. But trying to explain that to them is just going to bring your morale down. No matter what you do, do not get into arguments over quitting to smoke. Never try to convince your friend to join you if they do not want to because what usually happens is that friends end up convincing you that it is not just possible.

Surround yourself with non-smokers

Distancing yourself from people who smoke is not enough. You need to fill the void created by doing so. The way to do that is by making new friends who don’t smoke. In the case that you already have friends who do not smoke, you have to strengthen those relationships and start hanging out with them more and more.

These people will discourage you from smoking and encourage you to quit smoking. Having such support is very important since it is highly likely that you will find yourself out of willpower from time to time and you will need such people to help you through such times.

Prepare in advance to deal with pitfalls

Our habits are usually triggered by certain people, places, emotions, situations, etc. It is undoubtedly the same when it comes to smoking.
So make a list of such triggers. To do so, think of times that you usually smoke and answer the following questions.

  1. Where were you?
  2. Who were you with?
  3. What were you feeling?
  4. What happened right before you decided to smoke?

When you answer these questions, you will discover certain patterns. You may find out that if you talk to a certain person you feel stressed and end up smoking a cigarette.

Or maybe it’s a certain place that triggers the habit. Stay away from such pitfalls. Prepare in advance to avoid them.
For example, if you have a habit of going out with certain people on Fridays where you usually smoke find a good excuse not to do so. Maybe you can enroll in a class or a club that meets on Fridays.

Don’t be afraid, to be honest, if necessary. Show your friends you are serious about this. Show a little emotion. Most people will back off if you show emotion because it communicates that this is important to you.

If your friends try to convince it’s not possible, tell them you would like to “try it out and come to your own conclusions”. Stand your ground, be assertive and remember you don’t need their permission to do this.

Make a list of what they may say and prepare in advance how to respond. However, don’t try to explain or justify your actions.

Also, have a list of excuses prepared for a hasty exit in case you find yourself among people who are smoking.

Never overestimate your will power. Willpower is limited. By the end of the day, you have lost most of it. So don’t go to a place where people smoke thinking you can resist the temptation.

Get A Friend to Quit with you.

This is a great idea since you don’t feel alone in this journey. Both smokers and nonsmokers might find it hard to understand your journey. So having someone to do this with you will make things a lot easier.

However, make sure the person you pick is someone with a lot of determination and willpower. Doing this with someone who would give up easily, can actually be detrimental to the whole mission.


Also, if you are going to do this with a friend make sure you don’t talk them into it. Talk about your plans enthusiastically and someone will volunteer. The bottom line is that people are more likely to follow through on something that they weren’t forced into.

Behavior Therapy

If you can’t seem to quit smoking using the above information then the next step would be to go for Behavior Therapy. Behavior therapy is about understanding patterns of behavior and patterns of thinking in order to get to the bottom of whatever issue you are having. With a new-found insight into the issue, you and your therapist can come up with ways to overcome those obstacles and quit smoking once and for all.

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