Success and happiness | A Step by step formula for success in Life


This formula for happiness and success is typical. In fact, if you skip the introduction and go to the 6 step formula you might not understand why it is the way it is. So if you decide to skip it I recommend you come back and read the full content afterwards. Follow this formula every day and the quality of your life will skyrocket. You will be happy and You will be successful.

success and happiness
step by step formula for success and happiness


Is Success and Happiness Related?


At first glance success and happiness may seem related. That is why we tell our children to work hard in school, to get good grades, to get into a good college so that they can get a good job and live a good life. We believe sacrificing our happiness today will guarantee our long term happiness. But does it really work that way?

Does hard work guarantee success? And does Success guarantee happiness?


Have you ever heard of an actor, actress, CEO who seemed to have it all but still ended up committing suicide? Do you know anyone who has no reason to feel sad , but is on anti-depression medication?

This is not that uncommon. In fact, Wikipedia has a list of noteworthy people who committed suicide, which seems to be way too long in my opinion. These are not just successful people, but also famous people. The coffee shop owner near your home would never make this list no matter how successful he is. My point is that these are exceptional people who have dad exceptional carriers.


Wikipedia's List Of Suicides
Wikipedia’s List Of Suicides

So why do people who seem to have it all end up committing suicide?


This is because finding happiness does not depend on finding success. Most successful people have the “I will be happy when” mindset and that mindset is dangerous. If you have everything but you are not happy, you wonder what the meaning of life is. When you have dedicated your whole life to be successful and you are still not happy you feel like a failure. You don’t know what to do because the thing that was supposed to fix everything didn’t fix anything. Suicide seems to be the only remaining option.


Does that mean we should not aim big?


Of course not, in the art of happiness, success is just one aspect. It cannot make you happy by itself. You have to mix it with other things like friendships, peace of mind, and family. In other words, we should find a balance in life. We should take time to enjoy today while working hard to achieve our goals.  


So how do we achieve this subtle balance?


It’s simple, but not at all easy. You need to break through habits that we have developed all throughout our lives. The 6 steps to achieve this are listed below.


Step 01:

Think back to 5 or 10 years, and compare the following areas of your life to how it was back then.

  1. Life in general
  2. Income
  3. Relationships
  4. Career/Education
  5. Health

You may think of other areas of your life and compare how it was and how it is now.



Step 02:

In step 1, you are going to find some areas in which you are doing better and some areas that need improvement. Just for now, forget about all the areas that you need improvement in. List down all the areas that you have improved on.


Step 03:

Every morning look at this list and reminisce where you were, how far you have come. Take time to feel proud of your achievements. Enjoy your success. Let yourself feel like a winner. Do the same before you go to bed.


Step 04:

Every day take some time to do something for yourself, something that makes you happy. Don’t get so caught up on your goals, that you miss out on, happiness today.


Step 05:

Continue doing this even if you don’t see immediate results. Give this technique at least 6 months.


Step 06:

Now watch the quality of your life improve. You may even find that success comes more easily to you.



How does this improve your chances of success and Happiness?


When you continue to follow the above steps you will find yourself happy. Doing something with joy rather than stress will produce better results. It’s easier to build on success as opposed to building on failure. Building on failure requires immense willpower. It’s like swimming up the river. In contrast building on success is easier. Success pulls you towards your goal. Everything becomes easier.


What if I can’t find areas in which I made progress?


Okay, so you might find yourself earning less than 5 years ago. Maybe, you have health problems. You may not be happy with your career either. But if you wanted to find something that’s better, I bet you can find something. Maybe it’s how your relationship with one person is doing better than it used to be. Perhaps, you now spend more time maybe learning about things that matter to you? Or maybe, it’s that you are finally taking steps to figure out what makes you happy? It doesn’t matter how insignificant it feels, hold on to it and use it as explained above. If you can’t find something yourself, ask a person with a positive outlook on life.  


How long will it take to experience some kind of progress?


It really depends on the person. Some people will experience a better mood in just a few days. For some, it might take months. Some forget to do it one day and notice that their mood dropped. It is then that they realize, it had indeed had a positive influence on their lives.


How long do need to keep doing this?


Until it becomes second nature. Until this habit is as strong as brushing your teeth or combing your hair. At this point, you will find yourself doing this every day without exerting any effort at all. The mind needs maintenance just like the body. So it’s best to do it every day. Form a habit and don’t let it break.

How a sense of Accomplishment leads to Continued Success and Happiness
How a sense of Accomplishment leads to Continued Success and happiness


Why did you tell us to ignore the areas that need improvement? It doesn’t make sense to me.


I know this is counter-intuitive. Everyone tells you to focus on the areas that need improvement. That is a good way to go if, your goal is, only success. But in this post, we are talking about happiness and success. Let me tell you a secret. When you start making progress in one area, it energizes progress in other areas as well. That’s why happiness and a sense of accomplishment is our primary focus. You get this right and everything else will fall into place sooner or later.



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success and happiness
Success and Happiness| A Step by step formula for success in Life

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